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Maharashtra TET 2013 Exam Date : 15th December, 2013 ( Sunday ).

Maharashtra State Teachers Eligibility Test 2013 Apply Online Only :

The candidate is expected to fill up all the mandatory information (marked with *). The Candidate will be prompted to by the red instructions on the right hand side of the form. On filling up all the information the candidate have to read the Pledge and have accepted the same before he/she saves the form. The Form will be validated for qualification. If not qualified the candidate will receive a message in red on the right hand side of the qualification information. The candidate is expected to change the Teaching class applied for or correct the qualification if entered wrong. No disqualified form will be accepted.

If the Form is qualified is accepted and a Registration No is issued for the candidate. A SMS of the same will be auto sent to the Registered Mobile No of the Applicant having Registration Number and the password of the account. And The Applicant is taken to the next stage.

2.       Photo and Signature Upload

This stage requires image of the candidate’s recent photograph and a image of candidates signature.

The Process

Color Scan a Color photograph of size 3.5cm X 4.5cm at 200dpi.  Crop the image to the boundaries of the photograph. Check that the image size is within 5kb to 100 kb. The image should be in .jpg file.

Draw a box of size 4.5cm X 2cm on a white paper . Make a signature in that box with a pen with black ink. Scan the page at 200dpi and crop the image to the boundaries of the signature box. Check the image size is within 2kb to 50kb. The image should be in .jpg file.

On the Upload Photo and Sign Page use the choose file or Browse button to browse the image file form your computer disk. And click Upload button to upload the image. Use the same procedure for both Photo and Signature.

The image will appear below the selection if uploaded.

On uploading both images click ‘Go to View and Challan Print’ button to move to the next stage.

3.       Review and Print Challan

The Process

On the view profile page, go through all the information in details, check for the correctness of each and every information you have entered.

If any correction use the edit Change/button to change  and save the data.

Once you are sure about the data Click the Challan Print button you will not be able to change any of your information.

On clicking the challan print, a popup window with printable content will appear. Print the page on a A4 Size paper .

The Bank challan is 3 Copies. 1. Bank copy, 2. Candidate Copy, 3. MSCE EO Copy.

The challan printed will have Applicant information , Fees amount to be deposited the SBI Account Information on which the fees is to deposited.

You can log out log out form the system and go to the next stage.

4.       Fees Payment.

Deposit the fees in any State Bank of India Branch using the above printed challan. Get back the Candidate Coy and MSCE EO Copy form the Bank Branck on deposit. Verify that the bank has written the Transaction Id and Branch Code in the space made avaialable on both of the challans.

Click Login link on to log on to the online form system. Go to the Update Challan section. Enter the Deposit Date, Branch Code, Transaction Id, Amount Deposited in the Challan Update Form.

Use save button to save the Information and Go to the Next Stage.

5.       Print Confirmation Page and Submit to DEO

Use the ‘Print Confirmation Page’ button to view the Printable Page of the Confirmation Page . Print the Confirmation page on an A4 size paper.  Get two copies to the Confirmation page. Paste Photograph in the space made available on the Confirmation Page, below the Printed Photo. Carry the Original documents listed in the Verification box to the District Education Office along with the 2 copies of the Confirmation Page with Photographs pasted.  Sign the in the required space on the right side of the Printed sign in front of the Designated Officer while submitting the confirmation. The Designated Officer will verify the Original Documents if required. You need to submit only the confirmation page. The Other copy of the confirmation page will be used as an acknowledgement and will signed and given back to the candidate by the Designated Officer.