UPSC CAPF Answer Key 2012, Cutoff Scorecard, UPSC ACs Written Exam Solutions 2012

UPSC Conducted CAPF-Central Armed Police Force Exam on 11th November (11.11.2012) for Recruitment of various Armed Forces in Various Exam Centres throughout India.
Land Revenue Policy introduced by British – Mahalwari Settlement
Cold Current – Benguela Current\
Irrigation in Punjab – All 3 are Correct
Golden Quadrilateral – Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkatta
Agricultural Revolution in India – 2 & 3 Correct
Curiosity Rover – 1 only (Curiosity is powered by NUCLEAR Power )
Higgs Boson Discovery – 3 only
new High Courts in North East States : Wrong ans: Arunachal Pradesh
Ecomark – Both 1 & 2 are Correct
Governor General & policy : (A-3 ;B-4;C-2;D-1)
British Policy & Consequence: (A-3:B-1;C-4;D-2)
State Tops Environment : Both Statement Wrong ,Its Uttarakhand & Not Himachal Pradesh
Kulandhai Francis : Visiosnary Zeal & Service , Empowerment (A)
Wi-Fi : Wireless Local Area N/W
TV Remote : Infra Red rays
heat trapped Inside car : Green House Effect
Sayana : During Vijayananagar Kingdom
Drain of Wealth : Dadabhai naroji
S.K.Thorat Committee: Review Political cartoon in NCERT Books
Jeet Tayil : 1 Only Right (Narcopolis is Based On Bombay & not Gujarat)
Aung San Suu Kyi : B is Wrong option (She was elected to Lower House & not Upper house)
Highest GDp 2010-11 : Construction
Wrong Statement : South East islands has no Bio-Diversity
Individual & Org : (A-2;B-4;C-1;D-3)

Candidates can easily check their UPSC CAPF Assistant Commandants Exam 2012 Answer Key of All Sets A, B, C, D from here.